Up the hill from Arms lies my new RCS home!

After working with a great principal this summer at RLS in Barre, MA, the dream of becoming a School Principal became a reality. As I look back on my first month as the school administrator I can all ready feel the impact a person can have in this role. Of course there are the obvious, all the laughing stops once I walk into a room, once I start talking no matter how soft everyone listens, and every word you say and write is looked at from 2 very different points of view. BUT…

With all that said there are a LOT of fun stuff I can do! Just today we had Red Apple Farm drop off two bushels of Al’s Apples for the kids to have a healthy snack. This day happened when a 5th grader asked to eat lunch with me and she brought with her lunch many great ideas, one being apple day. Well needless to say we made it happen. Three girls washed and stacked all the apples, went to every class to prepare for our apple thank you,and turned thoughts into a reality.

I never realized the power of eating in the lunch room. As a teacher I ate in the lunch room every day for 2 years, many times in the same seat. Honestly, most kids approached the table with three things in mind. Can I go to the library? You will never believe what happened! Can I go to the bathroom? The great thing about eating there now is so many wonderful kids are so nice to ask if I can sit with them. They no longer ask the mundane, at least a month in they just want to sit with the principal. Many of these kids I have met in the hall and in class, but as their principal, eating lunch with me is something special. Now I know it is not me, it is the title “Principal”! Amazingly the word principal still means something. As a teacher for 15 years, I saw the word teacher become a word that many people no longer respect and some grew to resent. But the role of being a Principal is still respected. And with that respect comes responsibility. And I accept that responsibility. Kids, parents, and staff are relying on the Principal to deliver. So I will start here. I promised in my interview to bring RCS some needed publicity. The school is amazing and I will bring you all the highlights…..


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