5 quick things with Mrs. Gambill


Her favorite color is purple. She doesn’t have much stuff that is purple, she just loves the color.
She has lived in Winchendon for 15 years, but she grew up in Greenfield.
I have two daughters that are 15 -11
I love crossword puzzles and word games
Loves reding..Favorite book is the davinci code…

Thanks For all your hard work everyday! DEAR rocks with you.


5 quick things with Mr. Leander’s son Finnegan

I love playing with my pirate sword. I love pretending I am a knight.
My favorite football player is Wes Welker. He has won a thousand million medals.
His favorite book is The Little Engine That Could. I like how my dad changes his voice and I love trains.
I love going to Disney World. It is really fun at Disney.
He loves to eat at Five Guys and go to the ball store after.

Thanks for Finn playing even though you are sick!

5 quick things with Mr. Leander’s daughter Rosie

She loves to draw and color.
She loves to write stories about magic and lots of other topics.
She loves cooking. When she was 3 years old she met Rachel Ray. She waited in line for 2 hours to have her book signed and picture taken.
She enjoys going to the American Girl store. She has eaten with her dolls at the restaurant and chosen many different outfits fro her dolls Kayla and Sara.
She loves her family because they are special to her and they love her the most!

Thanks for playing 5 quick things with your Dad!

Staff Data



Today the staff took part in looking at data from MCAS scores from the previous years to look at ways we can improve the students understanding of math. Mrs. Drouin has worked an incredible amount of hours generating various aspects of data , interpreting the information, going to state run classes, and implemented strategies to help staff identify and discuss common problems throughout the grade levels. Today staff went question by question and discussed generating the need for a common vocabulary while searching for areas that needed addressing. Great job for all your hard work today! It will pay off tomorrow.

5 quick things with Ashley Hadmack

She loves to dance and her favorite is freestyle.
She loves macaroni and cheese because her mom makes a special cheese sauce.(yes we want the recipe)
She loves to play soccer with her sister Allison
Mrs. K is her favorite teacher (yes a little bribe never hurts)
Her best friend is Bella

Thanks for being so excited to share your quick 5!



Here is what we are doing…
Wreck it Ralph family movie night March 1.
Green eggs and ham breakfast with Dr. Seuss
Egg hunt..

Spring fund raiser
Subway and calendar coupons
Every day is a party raffle baskets with 100 dollars worth of cool stuff
Presidential Coin wars.. The winning class picks their prize start on Monday

RCS has talent April 5.. What will your talents be?

Attendance Banner goes to GRADE 6.

The next meeting will be February 26 at 3:15.

Great job PTG thanks for working so hard for the students of RCS.