Fractions in grade 2

Today the students in grade 2 were working so hard solving fractions. They had to solve the problem: If 9 books is 3/4 of a set, how many are in the whole set? They used many strategies to be able to solve the problem! Great work.



PTG Springtime FUNdraisers

Thanks so much for all the parents that were able to attend the PTG meeting Monday after school. There are so many good fundraisers that are on the horizon. Subway coupons that have been donated worth 60-80 dollars we are selling for 10 dollars. The best part is thanks to the Killay’s, RCS will receive 100 percent profit. Also for the first time RCS will do 2 gift baskets filled an assortment of pool party stuff plus a free YMCA pool party for the winner. The other basket is just in time for the awesome summer movies that are coming out. It’s a movie basket filled with tickets to the movies at 2 locations, gift cards for the Red Box movie rental, Papa Gino’s pizza and many other assorted items! Your chance to win for a 5 dollar ticket.

I know at times as parents, relatives and family friends we are inundated with giving money to schools for this and for that. What happens to the money? I like to think of a fundraisers as the run on the bank in the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”. George tries to describe that all the money is not kept in the bank collecting dust. Is been invested in the houses, buildings and businesses around town. Our “Wonderful Life” scenario at RCS would be an investment in our children. It may go to replacing the swings, buying all the goodies for the school store or movie nights, investing the field-trips for kids too, offset the cost of a bus (which is the most expensive part of any field trip). Allow for teachers to do an extra special activity in their classroom with the students to build memories of that particular learning experience. The fund raisers are the investment in Our School! Our Kids! Without the donations it becomes difficult to do the extra activities that separates RCS from every other school.

You as parents or guardians, family members, and friends have done a great job supporting our school and for that I thank you. I get to have the conversations with families that are struggling and they thank you, the students that work after school because they want to work off the money they are borrowing thank you. The RCS acronym means a lot of things to a lot of people, luckily for us it means Really Caring Supporters.

Thanks in advance for all you do to make Our RCS such a great experience for kids!



Coin wars goes to……?

After a long fought battle the overall winner of the coin wars was Grade 4. For their effort they have earned an ice cream party and a movie. All grades represented the school well and a lot of money was donated. A special thanks to Mrs. Divoll for all her hard work and effort that makes all the fundraisers at RCS so successful! Congratulations again to Grade 4 and thanks to the entire school! Nice work.


Gardner Papers Draws 3 RCS Winners

Denali, Jameson, and Emma were 3 students that attended RCS who were presented with an award Friday for winning a contest sponsored by the Gardner Daily News. All 3 students sha a love of drawing and were sprised to find out they had won!

Denali has been drawing since she was able to hold anything colorful and was the winner of an art contest just last year!

Jameson, loves to draw and create comic book style drawings. He is presently working on developing his own comic book characters.

Emma loves to draw and was very surprised that she was chosen as a winner for the contest.

We are all very proud of Emma, Denali, and Jamieson! great job you represented our school well.