Working hard on the 2nd day back






The student council at RCS following the lead of Mrs. Divoll received an awesome gift in appreciation for their hard efforts in helping others facing adversity around our country. Way to go RCSSC!!!!





Are you interested in becoming a member of the PTG? Next month all positions are going to be vacated by the officers. President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. You can share your ideas and continue to grow the Community of RCS.

Today the PTG discussed:
5-6 grade dance
Spring basket fundraisers
Teacher appreciation week
Subway fundraiser

Refund for the Flat Stanley program.

Thanks so much

Back to School

Welcome back!

The students and staff were a welcome site back at RCS today. Right away the students were engaged in learning from readers workshop to sharing about their vacation to fractions and many other great learning opportunities. I actually had a great opportunity today to begin working on changing the reading process that effects all the students at RCS. Mrs. Gambill and I set out to implement the Daily 5 reading technique into DEAR. As I began talking with the students it became apparent that they were as frustrated with the reading time as I was. Today we began the process by discussing the norms that need to be established by students to make the time successful. We shared ideas and began to process how we could make reading time better. They all had great ideas. I will keep you updated as we begin our trek to be the best school when it comes to readers workshop.