RCS Memorial Day Commencement

Today, RCS celebrated Memorial Day. The students in each grade performed various patriotic songs they had been practicing not only in music, but their regular classes as well. Many of the classes not only sang the patriotic tunes they used American Sign Language!

I wanted to thank the hosts of the commencement Rachel, Jocelyn, and Anthony. The three of you exceeded my expectations and ran the celebration seamlessly. Great Job!

I could not be more proud of each and every one of you! High 5 RCS!

Of course thanks to all the parents, families, friends, and townspeople that were in attendance. You were treated to an excellent show.






The Apple Falls…

I know it seems funny to write about a Friday night baseball game on our school blog, but as the game played out I noticed a lot of similarities to our school. In the early going of the game the varsity boys struggled to advance on quick steals to second base with the lead off batters right there waiting. I heard the crowd actually say they had been struggling getting hits from certain players on the team and it would be a long night if some of the “valuable” players did not step up.
The boys soon scored on a couple of key hits by the kids at the end of the line-up, the surprises. Garret, the varsity boys pitcher, continued to battle through what became very difficult conditions to pitch in. Athol made a few errors which ended up allowing Greenfield to score a few runs to tighten up the game. Soon Garret began to get tired as the rain, wind, and a spin around catch tweaked his knee. The game became exciting as another pitcher took to the hill and battled the game. I chatted with Brad as he warmed up in the sidelines. We talked about schools he was looking into, the change in his batting stance, and just baseball. Needless to say the boys scored a few more runs and made a fantastic play on a relay from right field to the cut-off to an eventual tag-out at third base. The win and they were in had come true. The boys finished! Defeating the first place team, Greenfield, 5-4.

So why tell a recap of a sporting event and how in any way would this relate to RCS? It always comes down to how you prepare, have confidence in yourself and others, and how you finish. Sometimes the students that we expect the least from or provide excuses for are the ones that come through when they are least expected too. They are the students that miss homework, go to bed late, play video games, and are allowed so many excuses, but when they dig down deep and many have given up hope they come through. Maybe they needed that extra batting practice. Maybe it was something said to them as they began their school day. Maybe this was their moment to get that 82 on the test after scoring low all year. It all comes down to how you finish. Having the confidence when everyone else makes excuses for you, showing- up day after day even when they know they were up late or were not given dinner. “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree has never worked for me.” And I know all kids deserve to be pushed by expectations. All kids need to be part of the team and receive the same chances. They need to be driven and shown we their parents, teachers, friends, and families are behind them no matter what. All students and children should be allowed to rise to the level of expectations placed on them. They should not go to bat and have us think the inning is over. It’s how you finish. As we look towards the end of the school-year let us keep pushing, continue to grow relationships with all the students, and push them until the end, the last out. And who knows maybe that struggling kid that people gave up on may grow up to be a Principal someday.

River Rat Results

RCS races against teachers to see just how many books they can read. Mrs. Divoll organized, cut out canoes, and tracked all the books the students could read as the students canoes journeyed their way around the cafeteria. Thanks so much to all the students that participated, as well as the their teachers. Mrs. Divoll we could never do all that we do at RCS without you and your dedication to each and every student. Thanks again for a very special opportunity for learning!




The Walk-a-thon results have been tallied

A big High-5 for the RCS Walkathon. Overall the RCS families raised 2224.45. The money will will go to a new sound system for the RCS gymnasium and numerous playground equipment such as a Bean bag toss games, Bunch of various size balls and a Ladder game.

First place grade 5 pizza party… 474.10
Second place grade 1 Mrs. Drouin decides on ice cream….
Third place goes to Grade 2 fro raising 390.90 along with donations from the happy apple club..ice cream party..

First place Samantha..25 dollars or gift card
Second place…C Germain…C Mcculley..
Third place..J Lajoie most laps..

Thanks so much to all those that participated and a special thank you to Mr. Webster and Mrs. Lajoie for caring about the fitness of the students at RCS.


Winnie’s Question

The fifth graders are presently reading Tuck Everlasting. The question is posed, “Would you drink the water that would allow you to live forever?”

Kevin, ” I would not drink the water now. I might drink it later when I was older if I could do more things like drive and learn as much as I could.”

Maria, ” no I would drink the water especially at this age because life would get boring and you would lose your family and you would be alone.”

Crystal,”. I would not drink from it your family and friends would get old and die and you would never have any friends that stay.”

Devin, ” I wouldn’t because your family would get old and you would not have your family anymore.”

What would you do if you could live forever?

Grade Shares Experience of NC

Nature’s Classroom. The students had a wonderful experience at NC. I was fortunate to be able to share just a few hours of the experience with them. All I can say is, Wow! Once I arrived the students instantly greeted me and began describing all the life changing events that they had experienced. Falling knee deep in a big, playing team sword dueling, predator and pray, dissection and later eating numerous sea creatures and many many other activities. I was treated to lunch, learned about ORT, watched a few students share their day, and watched the kids play a game of baseball pickle. As my day came to a close, Mr. Snell rounded up many of the kids and we ventured to the beach. What a view, place, and experience.