Wow! That is the number of hits the blog received this year since January. I am so glad to hear from parents how helpful the school blog is. Please have a wonderful summer and be safe!


The Last Day

Today was the last day of school. However you would never know it. Our kids were still working. It reminds me of the energizer bunny “keeps going and going and going”. The school culture at RCS is work. Our kids work hard. They need done rest and in 8 weeks RCS will open the doors once again. Until then enjoy the summer. You earned it!!!!









More teacher questions by Bella Cooke for Principal Leander

Mr. Leander
What job would you do other than your job now?
A baseball player

What’s your favorite subject?

what do you do in the summer?
I swim in Lake George, New York, I go there every year. My family has a house 4 feet from the water.

If you could be in any group or band what group or band would you be in? What would you play?
The band Pearl Jam. I would just listen because you can’t mess with music like that.

If you could bring back anyone from history who would it be and why? What would you do?
Captain Smith from the Titanic because I want to know why he didn’t stop the boat for the night. I want to go out to lunch with him, I wouldn’t want to go sailing because he sank the Titanic.


Teacher questions by Bella Cooke for Mrs. Knechtel

What’s your favorite subject?

What do you do I the summer?
Kayaking, 4 wheeling, I hang out at my cabin, this year I am going to be the DUMPSTER QUEEN!!!!!!

If you could be in any musical group or band what band or group would you be in? What instrument would you play or would you sing?
I would be in the band Led Zeppelin, I would play the piano/guitar/harmonica

If you could bring back anyone from history who would it be? Why? And what would you do?
My dad, because I didn’t share enough time with him, I would travel with him.