Reading just Right in 2013

This year at RCS we will begin transitioning to a new system that will better assist the students in choosing just right books.

What is a just right book? A just right book is a book that a student is comfortable reading and comprehending.

How can I tell if a book is just right? There are a few easy steps to do this, but the hardest part is no family coaching. I know it’s hard to watch your child struggle on a word you think they might know and it is one of your favorite books. Happens to me all the time with my children too.
Here a the steps to choosing a JUST RIGHT book.
1. Choose any page in the book.
2. Have your child read the book and listen to them read.
3. Every mistake they make or if their speed slows down and stops on a word count that error.
4. If your child makes 5 or more errors that book is not a just right book for them to read independently. However, feel free to read out loud to them so they can hear a beautiful fluent voice sharing a story.

5. Create a Someday list and hang it on the refrigerator. This will remind your child of the book titles they were so close to being able to read and were interested in the next time you head out to the library, Barnes and Noble, or a favorite book store. ( if you like technology…I downloaded the app good reads on my iPhone/ iPad. They have an option that allows you to scan the book isbn number and put it in a read later folder. )

Looking forward to seeing you all soon….Happy Reading


Saying goodbye to 2012 one last time

I have been working with numerous aspects of technology this summer to enhance the experience our students have at school to be able to share at home. One of the tools is a video creator that I can use online and families can access at home. We had a lot of learning and fun this year. I look forward next year and although we say goodbye to many of our RCS friends as they venture to grade 7 we are adding many new faces in most grades and of course new Kindergarteners. Just click the link and stroll down many activities from 2012……Enjoy

Want to receive reminders?

This year I will be using a text message system to remind parents of events that are going on at RCS. Last year during a few parent conversations parents stemmed to want a system of reminders a week prior to an event and the day before. I found one. It is free and will not cost you or RCS any more then you normally pay for text messages. If you would like to sign up just follow these simple instructions:

Remind 101
1. Send a text message to @royalst to (508) 859-5684
2. Follow the simple instruction you receive.
3. You will be able to receive one way text messages from RCS

There is also an app you can download if you have an iPhone.

Inch by Inch the RCS Garden Grows

The RCS garden is amazing. I ventured out to check on the garden after talking with Mr. Hains and Mr. Snell about the deer problem we seem to have. I was amazed at how lush the garden looked. I looked really close and found a couple of tomatoes growing along with a multitude of flowers. I know numerous people have come by to add compost and water to the garden and I want you to know your efforts and consistent dedication will be greatly appreciated when the kids catch a glimpse. Hopefully we will reap the benefits of the beautiful organic garden and not only add other beds, but also develop passion and greater understanding of how we can grow our own crops. Thank you to Mr. Snell and Mr. Hains for leading the way.




RCS Office Gets a Facelift

Today I spent a lot of time in the office. No I was not in trouble I just wanted a different look for those that come to RCS to say hi. Many times at the end of the day the office becomes a place to discuss the happenings of the school and I wanted to create more room for those conversations to grow. We will be adding a white board next week, but here is a sneak peak. I wonder if you can spot the changes:)



RCS Shines Thanks to Mr. Scott

Wow Mr. Scott RCS looks great:). While I attempted to stay cool for the past few weeks, Mr. Scott has been sweating and facing borderline exhaustion preparing the school to look the best in the state. I know how much we all appreciate the wonderful job Mr. Scott has done and I just wanted to brag and show off some pictures and say thanks for all your hard work:).




The Library Card by Jerry Spinelli

Finally! I have been reading a lot this summer and I just finished a few books that should help me be a better teacher and hopefully a better principal. Reading is so important and I valued the summer so much to help me grow and expand my knowledge to be the best I can be.

I love love love Jerry Spinelli, he is a fantastic author that always throws a curveball into his books. I have had th Library Card on my Someday List for a long time and this week I will be reading it. Mr. Spinelli has written great books such as Maniac Magee and Wringer. I will let you know.

I will be starting to read the book on Monday so grab a copy and give me a shout out to let me know you are reading it as well. Also don’t forget to provide some recommendations of books you are reading. Keep reading and enjoy the sun!