Paragraph of the week 1 Labor Day

If you were to ask any if my former students about me they would most likely talk about the grueling constant writing we did throughout the year culminating with the 40 day challenge. Now that I’m a principal I thought why not give it a go and see if I can help in the writing process.

My topic this week is Labor Day. According to reading/ writing expert Donald Graves you always start writing by having students develop lists. After they have developed the list, students look over and identify common ideas. Those common ideas are the starting point for writing.

1. Develop a list of words associated with Labor Day. You have 2 minutes….
My list looks like this… Cookouts, teacher, paver, waves , family, swimming, students (I write down any word that comes into my head), pizza, laughing, lake George, boats, islands, diving under water, ,.. (Ideas)

2. Now look over your list and see your common topics. ( on my list I would cross off…paver, pizza.. (Ideas)

3. Ask yourself does one word stand out that matches the topic Labor Day? .. For me it’s teacher.

4. Writing a topic ( grabber, hook) sentence : who i am writing this for, will grab people to want to know what I’m writing about , but also get them to want to read more? … (Audience)
.. Lets give it a try… I love traveling to Lake George, but Labor Day weekend is a weekend I look forward to every year. ( Hmm wordy?). Can you help me fix it?.

Send me your Samples… Hurry I need to get rid of my writers block!!!! Can you help Mr. Leander in time or will he have to use that very wordy sentence??? Time is running out…


RCS opens with a bang!

I cannot say enough how hard each and every person involved with the Royalston Community School worked to make the first week seamless. Students, parents, teachers, staff, and a multitude of others on limited sleep due to first day of school anxiety, provided all sorts of wonderful experiences, posters and so much more. I was able to listen to students sharing their favorite books, watch Mrs. Carnie put on my shoes, meet lots of new RCSers, view a presentation on Honduras from a former student, hear about a Magicians Nephew, solve really hard math problems, see a students cursive writing that he perfected over the summer, look a great artistic drawings, smell wonderful snacks, and see TONS of student and teacher smiles. I know I said smiles! At RCS we smile from day 1! That is what makes our school such a great place.

I can’t wait to share more experiences with you as we, journey through the year! Rest up because the experience of what it is like to be at the best school has only begun!














Summer Fun Blake Style

Nobble Light House in York Beach Maine
One final vacation before the official end of the summer adventure blog until next year. The Blake family traveled to Maine and enjoyed some time on the beach. I particularly love the lighthouse in the background. Glad you had a great summer!!!

Evan with his brother Justin, and friends Kristopher and James.


First day!!!

Our first day back at school. We welcomed so many new faces and look forward to meeting more on Thursday. The students and teachers talked about books, shared their favorite books, read books together, discussed math and graphing, and learned about our hopes and dreams. I made a small video clip..enjoy!!!
Just click on the first day link below!

First day!!!.