What’s your word?

Today as the staff and I began to preview the upcoming year I gave them a task to think of a word over the next few days that would be the “focus” word to drive their year. My word is desire. I do not choose this word lightly and have pondered about my one word for many weeks now. Desire will drive my second year as RCS Principal in many different ways. It is no secret that I desire to make RCS the best school period, but to get there we need to take small steps.

I desire to read to every single student this year.
I desire to listen to every student read something they wrote.
I desire to engage in more parent nights to grow our school community.
I desire to focus on multiplication for every student in grades 3-6 know all their multiplication facts.
I desire to listen to more and figure out the left hand column.
I desire to create a school with learning experiences.
I desire to hear students reflect on what they learned in school today.
I desire to ask questions that make students really think.
I desire to hear students laugh at their own mistakes.
I desire to develop a culture that is safe for every student.
I desire to learn more so I can be better tomorrow.

Desire . That’s the word for me.


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