Fire Drill, Graphing, and a little light sauce on day 4

We had 100% attendance today!!! Great job getting to school!

Today was another very busy day at RCS. The morning started with a fire drill. The teachers had explained to the students all about the process of evacuating the building rapidly, put on your listening ears, and keep your eyes open. We were able to get everyone out of the building in 1 minute and 42 seconds. That’s everyone! Even the chef as Fire Chief Newton stated.

A huge moment of excellence for Mr. Snell as one of the firemen pulled a student from his class. Moments after getting in line Mr. Snell raised the red flag (symbolizing he was short a student). I have heard of this trick before, but never seen it actually done and Mr. Snell absolutely nailed it. Below the RCS high-5 is for him.

Although I was able to say high to the classes at random points throughout the day today was one of those days that I needed to help out in other ways. However I was able to sneak a peak and watch the best elementary school kids in action. I watched the students in Mrs. Drouin’s class learn about their letters ( ask them to tell you how Mrs. Drouin’s hands turned green), in Mrs. Carnie’s class I smelled the scent of fresh picked apples cooking in her crock pot as they ate apples and honey, (ask them where they picked the apples), in Mrs. Stimson’s class the students created bar graphs using tally marks to show the different kind of animals they had at home, ( ask them what type was tech most popular), in Mr. Hains class the students worked on water cycle scenes ( ask them why you may want to rethink drinking water), in Mrs. Knechtel’s class the students finished another chapter in the Magicians Nephew, ( ask them what they had to discuss in small groups), in Mr. Snell’s class the students worked on creating comic strips ( Maria will let you know what they did on the video clip), and I wanted to end with a HUGE thank you to Mrs. Chase for helping me sort and level books to get into the hands of the best readers in Massachusetts. Without her help we would of had to wait another day or two for try books. And we don’t like to waste anytime at RCS!

All in all a very busy Wednesday! It is so nice to see all the parents again as they come in to say hello after the summer break!












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