Learning, Learning, and more Learning and it’s only day 5!

It’s hard to believe that just 2 weeks ago the frantic rush of back to school was upon all of us and now we are almost 2 weeks deep into the 2013-14 school year. Today was a great day for me as the principal I was able to read with lots of kids, eat delicious homemade apple sauce from our own RCS trees, work on solving math problems, and even teach a lesson. Well like I said we were all very busy at RCS and I bet you would like to know what happened.

In kindergarten the students created a tally chart about their feelings and 2 anchor charts about how to behave when you go to the library and sit up close on the rug. They read lots of Eric Carle books and I was able to read with Karim one of my new favorite books about filling a bucket. You could ask your Kindergarteners to show you how to say thank you in sign language…I bet hey know how.

In first grade we were presented with a great adventure from Mrs. Drouin. We sailed on a ship, saw a snowman, and even had pirates in our room. I bet those students can tell you two ways to read a book if you ask them.

In second grade, we tried to solve a hangman problem with Mrs. Carnie. We were able to get two letters _ o_ n., but we could not get the rest. They made wonderful thank you cards. I bet they could tell you why.

In grade 3, they worked with finding just right books. W learned that some books a to easy and some are to hard, but others are just right. We even watched 2 students demonstrate how to read quietly the right way and the wrong way. I know they can explain what a just right book is to you.

In grade 4, the students worked on solving multiplication problems. They each had at least 4 dice ad some had 5. They rolled the dice and made multiplication problems out of them. They had to check with their partner to see if they were right. I also caught a glimpse of them in reading and wow what an exciting story they are beginning. Mrs. Knechtel provided a fantastic read aloud and the students had to compare two characters. I bet they could tell you which one they would rather not be around.

In grade 5 the students worked with PEMDAS. They were solving the problems that I get once in awhile on Facebook to test my strategic thinking. They were stumped at the start, but caught on quickly. I bet they could explain what PEMDAS means if you asked them.

In grade 6, the students have been reading fairy tales and Mr. Snell gave them a whooper. A Roald Dahl version of the classic tale. I think we could have a serious reading smackdown between Mr. Snell, Mrs. Knechtel, and Mrs. Drouin. The students talked about a protagonist and antagonist. I bet if you asked them they could tell you the difference.

In art, the class I watched was working on creating self portraits. They started tracing the upper body onto paper and had to use their critical thinking skills to decide how to cut the upper body out. I always forgot the neck when I was in elementary school, but not our kids.

All in all, a great day for learning. With so many opportunities to watch the worlds best teachers work with the worlds best kids I always feel like I am missing out on something.

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Have a great night and the video of the week will be coming out this weekend to recap all the great things so be sure to check back:)
















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