Monday with future promises to keep…

Lots of learning going on at RCS today. We had students comparing and contrasting the difference between fractions and decimals, creating a story map for their future story, playing games about time and money, reading nonfiction about fungi, playing football, singing songs, creating multiplication sets using Popsicle sticks, using 10 frames to play memory, and lots of wonderful reading imaginative stories. Wow!
One of the great lessons I saw today was watching students prepare and perform campaign speeches in fifth grade. Many of the students developed wonderful slogans “Zach always has your back!” Developed imaginative ideas such as comic book computer based drafting during computer time. And most importantly I watched them ponder over the very difficult choices of choosing the best representative over a best friend. Although the winners have lots of promises to keep, I think every student won today because they were able to take part in the American system of being able to vote and not worry about the consequences after. Nice job kids! Great job building that experience Mrs. K!











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