World Teachers Day

Today is the celebration of World Teachers Day. Teachers around the world Are celebrated and take part in many worldwide activities. We are so fortunate to have some of the best teachers here in our own community. RCS Teachers dedicate their time, knowledge and love to each of our students. Not only do they work hard during the day, but many nights and lots of weekends they burn the midnight oil correcting and planning to bring the best academic and social experiences.
Please take a moment to think of your favorite teachers you know the one that reached out that day you needed them. The teacher that found that extra quarter for you. The one that gave you the extra attention that made the difference. Share that moment with your own children and ask them to share a moment with you.

Thanks for all you do.. Mrs Willhite, Ms Drouin, Mrs Carnie, Mrs. Stimson, Mr Hains, Mrs Knechtel, Mr Snell, Ms Hughes, Mrs Magee, Mrs Girouad, Mrs. Schwab, Mrs Hall, and Mr Webster… You make RCS great!



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