Fire Prevention Day

Today we had an important visit from Chief Newton of the Royalston Fire Department who was accompanied with several other fire fighters and a couple of EMT’s. We practiced a fire drill and then held a presentation about fire prevention and being safe in the danger zones if our homes. Mere are a few highlights.

What is fire prevention all about? Keeping us safe!

Do you know where the most dangerous part of the house is? The. Kitchen…most accidents happen in the kitchen.

Fire prevention starts with fire detection. Make sure we check the smoke detector batteries every 6 months.
Chief asked me about smoke detectors I the house? Have we changed the batteries. Do we have a plan to get out of hue he house in the middle of the night. We want to get out of house to a safe zone.

Fire prevention things to remember.
Get to safe zone. Make sure we can answer is everybody out of the house.

I am responsible for myself. I am responsible for others. I I am responsible I make myself safe and I make others safe.

Make sure you remember to call 911 in there is an emergency. Name street what’s happening and call back number.





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