Want to buy a duck?

I have to admit that this may be the best title I have ever developed and it was because of grade 1. Today was simply a great day to be a student at RCS. I was able to sit with many classes today and watched lots of students get their annual pictures taken. In music the students sang songs and played instruments that helped bring the scary song to life. The music was beautiful and very engaging for the students and I bet if you asked them to sing a chord or two they would love to do it. I was able to sit in on grade 5 as a small group read aloud “The Witches” by Roald Dahl. I know having the principal sitting and reading along next to you brings along a certain expectation. These students shared their thoughts and visual pictures that were created as they ventured into this story. In grade 3, the students worked really hard on building their addition and subtraction knowledge by working in small groups. It was incredible to watch the students developing a working memory of math facts that are essential for them to be able to adapt and increase their ability to solve higher order math problems. …….I know you have been waiting patiently for the title. How did he get the title. Did Mr. Leander lose his marbles…again? Did he hit his head over the weekend? No, I assure you I am perfectly fine. In grade 1, I walked in as the students were going around the room asking if they wanted to buy a duck? And then asked does it quack? This progressed and traveled through half of the students until they had to get their pictures taken.

Remember it is so important to not only ask your child how school was today, but dig a little deeper and really try to get the full story. School is an amazing story to tell and there are so many wonderful things that are happening at RCS they will want to share with you. Besides I want to know if this duck was really for sale! If you find out let me know.
















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