Superheroes of RCS

This afternoon I was visited by two very excited teachers. Before I share the story I will try to give some background first. As you may know the teachers have been working so hard learning about assessing students reading abilities. Mrs. Drouin came to share her news and a moment later Mrs. Carnie! Come to find out that my buddy Alex in grade 1 is a really super reader and has tremendous abilities in comprehension and fluency. The best story is a boy that everyone roots for. He is on grade 2 and today he finished reading his book! I could see the feeling of completion on his face. He knew how big of a deal this was not for his teacher, his principal, his parents, but himself. Today he became a reader! Today is one of the most important steps he will take in his academic life. I cannot imagine the feeling he had today, but as his principal I can tell you he is a superhero. He has worked so hard this year! Congratulations Andrew today you receive the RCS high -5. Job well done!!!



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