The payoff of 20 minutes of reading a day

As we wind down the long holiday weekend and head back to RCS I plugged back in. I like many teachers have severe difficulty unplugging my learning on sites such as twitter, google plus, listening to podcasts, and reading blogs. All these tools push me to become more involved in my own progression as a parent, teacher, and principal.

When I plugged back in this afternoon, I came across several blogs that had the same graphic. It was about reading for 20 minutes and the disservice we do to our children if we don’t. I myself have passed the buck from time to time inviting my own kids to have the book read to them on their iPad or kindle. Or even worse I counted a movie we watched together to count for their “home ruled mandatory reading”. So I was gently reminded of the importance reading provides my children and how important those 20 minutes are. Thanks for reminding me….again



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