Holiday Helpers at the YMCA

This is a note I received from a special friend to RCS. If you know anyone that could take advantage of this wonderful opprortunity please contact the school and we can direct you to our community super heroes! Thank you !!!

Holiday Helpers of Athol is an organization that collects gently used toys and
passes them on to families in need. It is a way for all of us to support those in
our community that need a little extra help for the holidays.

The toys are cleaned and put on display in a store like atmosphere. Patrons are
encouraged enjoy the shopping experience and to select toys that their little
ones will enjoy. Everything will be gift wrapped by our Volunteers . If they so
choose, Customers may make donations of any amount for the toys but is
NOT required. Any money donated will go directly to food gift cards and be
passed along to families in need.
The hope if this program is that we help as many families as we can so we
encourage people to take what the need and pay what they can.

***Holiday Helpers will be open every Monday for the month of December from
6:30 to 8:30 at the YMCA of Athol (childcare while parents shop will be an
option if needed) Like us on face book for more details or ways to help.








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