Sitting down with an old friend:)

On Friday, I was invited to a special party at ARMS to celebrate the hard work of certain students. I am sure no one would be surprised to guess who one of the students chosen would be. Emma was a 7 year student at RCS before venturing to the middle school. She has always won the hearts of the teachers and staff at RCS and I was not surprised to hear she had the same impact on teachers at the middle school. Emma is singing in the school chorus and getting ready to perform in the spring play as a member of the school drama club.

As I left her I asked what she wanted for Christmas. Her reply to me was to wish the staff at RCS a Merry Christmas and let them know how much she misses them.

Special people come and go out of our lives all the time, fortunately we were all able to see and experience someone as special as Emma. Thanks for inviting me as your your special guest and reminding our school how fortunate we were to have our paths cross!



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