Twitter 2013 in review

I use twitter as a resource to learn how to drive my leadership abilities to create the best school. I am able to share, read, and discuss how other teachers, coaches, parents, principals, and superintendents create schools that are first class learning institutions. Of course we have our school account that highlights all the happenings at RCS (Twitter). We are developing better home school communication through videos, iMovies, and many other online instruments. ( learned that from twitter). Utilizing technology in the classroom to create a first class school with apps such as Evernote, google, educreations, podcasting, remind101, and so many others. Favorite books, techniques to create a readers writers workshop, developing a focus on the future, building a high functioning PLC with principals/ teachers/ parents, and so many others from around the globe, and aspiring to be better tomorrow than I was today are what drives me as as a learner to twitter. I don’t know where 21st century learning will take me, but I can tell you eventually I would have been left behind. Hopefully for all the students that will benefit from the early morning satchats, Sunday evening iaedchats, 21stedchats, and so many others that happen during the week I am reading, listening, implementing, and developing for you…looking forward to 2014..

Twitter Video of Principal Leander


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