Ready, Set,…….Launch

The Royalston Community School is ready to launch into reader’s workshop. Yesterday marked the end of the beginning for the teachers on learning how to begin an effective readers workshop for students. What did I learn as the ” lead learner” (new term for principal develop by Joe Mazza a Principal in New Jersey)

Every Child Every Day
1. Every child reads something they choose to read
2.every child must read accurately most of the time. A quick check is 5 errors of reading or vocabulary per page
3. Every child reads something they understand
4. Every child writs about something personally meaningful- writing about what they care about
5. Every child talks with peers about reading and writing everyday- this strategy improves comprehension and engagement
6. Every child is read to every day by a fluent reader

A a teacher, I came about these concepts 2008-2009, and decided that I need to hold myself accountable to these same standards. When we were assigned to read the article for professional development I was excited to be Abel to implant this procedure school wide. Change is an exciting time and we have a lot of learning to do as we look ahead.

Be listening for the excited to begin to grow as your child enters into this new exciting world…….





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