Day 6 Slice of Life- inspiration

Today we welcomed two new boys to RCS they are switching schools in the hopes that we are the perfect match.

Inspiration- I love meeting new students. Many times they exactly act the same. They are really nervous and quiet and hang relatively close to their parents. My favorite part of meeting someone new is to show them our school. Many parents cannot believe how clean the school is and how beautiful the floors are kept. They meet the nurse and she is so caring and loving she instantly puts everyone’s fears at ease. Then we walk through the magic. No matter what grade they are in, I walk them past the hard working first graders. When you peer in the room you notice the teacher with a hat on reading really closely with 3-4 students while others are scattered reading around the room. We move down the hall to second grade and they are met warmly by the teacher that puts it so simply ,”You are going to love our school. Welcome! As we continue our journey, the kindergarten room is next and new students are in awe of the little ones getting to work with enthusiasm and excitement. “Next year you can work with one of these kids as your buddy!” The kindergarten teacher says with excitement. Then we venture upstairs and you can hear the sounds of inspiration echoing through the sixth grade classroom. The STEM projects are proudly displayed just outside the doors and catch the interest of the new students. Our next door opens and inside is a teacher saying “voila” as he shows the amazing steps to solving a math equation. The students scurry to get ready to solve the next one. As we peer into the next door, straight ahead is the teacher reading softly to her students as they listen and softly share their thoughts to one another. Her enthusiasm although soft screams as she moves closer then away in her chair while the students sit on the floor listening and thinking. For one of the students the journey begins here. He is a new fifth grader and he is warmly met and feels comfortable entering the room to begin his learning. He peers back once quickly, smiles, and continues with the teacher to be introduced to the class. His brother waiting with anticipation as one door remains and he knows it will be his door. We enter the door the classroom and the students are reading. One student leans over very excitedly shows me a page from her book. The student hugs his mother and is greeted and welcomed into the class. One student even offers the seat next to him. As I walk the parents back down the stairs you can feel their sense of fear lifting away from them and RCS pride taking over. I call the parents later in the day to assure both boys are off to a great start and the reply is simply……I knew they would be


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