Happy Monday my top 10

My list of 10 things about School today that amazed me.
10. Listening to children talk about the tricks Lucky plays on them as Mrs. Carnie builds experiences for kids
9. How Mrs. Hall checked in on our 2 new boys as they start their first full week and she assures me they are doing great!
8. Listening to Mrs. Knechtel say how much she enjoys having a new child in her class.
7. Reading class with Mrs. Hopkins as Andrew rips through one of his reading challenges without hesitation
6. Having almost an entire line of kindergarteners give me an RCS high-5 to start the day
5. Having Mrs. Lajoie share her grandchildren’s passion for dance with amazing pictures she captured during the weekend competition
4. Watching the teachers work together at our staff meeting to begin building an online homework bank using educreation to complete the school-home circle
3. Receiving a letter from Sophia, that she wrote over the weekend, this morning to share with the second grade about her hopes of meeting Lucky.
2. Listening to Mrs. Drouin read a story about a tooth fairy to the students of first grade
1. Having another teacher volunteering to be on a quasi- professional development committee so we can continuously try to take positive steps improve our school district. Thanks Jen!


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