Failing Forward 

Failing Forward! As a teacher, with 12 weeks left to go in school, I always gave myself permission to try some new ideas, and to implement strategies or activities I had read about in books or seen in other areas of my personal professional development. This permission gave me a chance to work out the kinks, ditch an idea, or find a home run. I found it reenergized my end of the year, not only for myself, but also my students. I was brutally honest with them as we rolled out a new idea and they shared that same honesty with me. We experimented together and we all loved it.  I remembered this process as April rolled around my first year as a principal. Of course, I was overwhelmed and I felt lost because everything was new. The risk I took paid dividends I would never have imagined. I discovered Twitter that winter and came across thousands of ideas. Twitter led to countless connections, a new amazing learning network, where people shared ideas I never dreamed possible, and soon my world became larger and smaller at the same time! I started a blog, a social media page, augmented reality in our art show, and used the Smore platform for my newsletters. I never looked back­čśâ

Every year, I remind myself and the staff to think ahead and give yourself permission to challenge yourself to try out new ideas. Don’t be afraid to take a chance you have been thinking about and it’s okay to fail, to alter, and hit a home run!  

My risk this year was to jump into creating a genius hour for the staff. My goal was to give time to share ideas and learn new techniques, so that we can share this process with all our students in the Fall! I created a hyper doc, which I learned at an Edcamp, and linked google hangout to model distance learning. We were all set to go, but our internet slowed down, and we had to go back to modeling the doc in the room. The days after, I received great feedback and lots of excitement. They saw my risk of a google hangout failed, but it was okay. We can only grow when we fail.  

I challenge you to implement a new idea and challenge yourself to fail… it’s okay­čśâ  


RCS student amazes in Pinocchio

We are so very proud of RCS’s own Bella C. On Friday the Royalston Community School traveled to Mt. Wachusett Community College to watch a fantastic rendition of Pinocchio. The play/musical was captivating but once our own superstar emerged the play became magnificent. Bella performed all her parts perfectly and beautifully represented her acting and singing talents. We could not be more proud of your performance. I want to personally thank Bella for her dedication and love of the arts! You were outstanding and we could not be more proud of all your hard work!